Cover to Cover

I recently stumbled across a pop-up second hand book sale where the entire collection of books being sold were from a crafts library. So basically what I'm saying is the other day I found myself in heaven. To say that I have a soft spot for used books would be a grave understatement, I whole heartedly LOVE second hand books. Anyone who shares this love will agree, the smell of an old book is nothing short of intoxicating. Actually, what I find so amazing about that smell is that its caused by the gradual deterioration of the book meaning you're actually breathing the book in. Intoxicating. But back to the point, I narrowed my selection down to two (because everything I wanted was hardcover and about 20 pounds) and I couldn't be happier with my choice.

One of the books is an instructional book about Lost Wax Casting (my favourite form of metal work) and includes some gorgeous pictures of works inspired by nature.

The other book is a gigantic hardcover chronicling 'Jewelry Through the Ages' and has some really beautiful photos of amazing jewelry. Its always so inspiring to look at historical pieces of jewelry because both the form and function of jewelry have changed so drastically throughout time. (I apologize for the picture quality here, I don't have a scanner so took photos of the books pages)

I particularly like looking at Medieval jewelry and how differently ornamentation was placed on the body then. I love how the necklaces stretch broadly across the neckline instead dropping down. So elegant.

Its so hard to find a historical jewelry book that doesn't only feature the same iconic pieces of each era, and I really thought I couldn't be more pleased with the book I had bought. That is until I took off the sleeve cover and found this beneath.

I LOVE this book. Finding a cloth hard cover is exciting enough in itself. Make that cloth an amazing tomato red and add some minimalist gold foil graphics and I'm in love. This book could not be more rad.


Wide Load

I've been totally bogged down with production lately because of both increased sales and a desperate need to build a little inventory (aka that mess hanging from my awesome wall clock). Here's a behind the scenes of what my life looks like right now.

From this picture you'd think that bed hasn't been slept on in weeks, and honestly you wouldn't be far from the truth, but my sporadic bouts of insomnia aside, I've been working up a frenzy on my bedroom floor. When this is done the fun part starts and I get to go back to making new designs for fall! Keep an eye out for posts about this collections inspiration and maybe even some previews!



New from Dolorous the Navajo Mini. After the very positive feedback on the original Navajo design I decided to make a slightly smaller version, which is also a little more versatile. This necklace looks fantastic as is, but if you're in the mood to play it down a little, you can switch it from a body chain into one its several necklace styles by simply bringing the back straps around to the front. I really love making versatile pieces because in my life I never know whats coming but my jewelry can adapt with me as my day and mood changes! I love having that kind of freedom, not to mention getting multiple necklaces for the price of one!



Apparently, I've been going through a very geometrical stage, and the result is some great new Dolorous necklaces featuring geometric brass pendants (though I use the term loosely), as well as new piece with real Pyrite beads which have both really fabulous tone and texture. For more photos of each piece visit my Etsy shop.


August Haze

Today I saw branches full of red and yellow leaves. Summer is quickly coming to an end. Though August days may still be hot, the nights are cool and crisp and make me long for bulky knits and boots. Even though I know that all too soon the city will be blanketed with snow and I'll be aching to shed my layers, and cursing my tights (and my apparent inability to wear them without tearing them). So this year instead of anxiously awaiting fall I'm going to milk summer for all that its worth! I may even spend the rest of the month in nothing but string bikinis, sandals and my shortest of shorts because I am all too painfully aware that winter is creeping up and it will be months before I get to wear them again.


3 Way

Okay, I guess this one is technically a four-way . . . Did you know that most Dolorous necklaces are several pieces in one?! One of my primary focuses as a designer is versatility and form in my jewelry. This means that not only do I take the female figure and the body's movements into painstaking consideration when thinking up new designs, but also that I make great efforts, and fine tune every detail, to ensure that you can get the absolute most out of every piece of jewelry. In many cases 'the most' means that the necklace can transform from bodychain to necklace to vest to bralette at the flick of your wrist.
The Crybaby Convertible Vest is a perfect example! Check out my Etsy for other versatile pieces as well as tons of pictures showing you different ways to wear them!


Gender Equality

As promised here are the 'ladies' pictures of the recent Unisex designs by Dolorous. These are honestly two of my favourite pieces from my collection and easily two of the pieces I wear most often.

Sleepless Nights Make Dreamy Days