Dolorous necklace and custom feather shoulder piece on Holly of Parallels in Paid Magazine! Photos by the extremely talented Maxim Bocken, styling by Dwayne Kennedy and Brian A. Richards



Dolorous Jewellery is one year old today! Yay!



So yesterday was Family Day (FUN!) and surprisingly, I actually spent the day with family. I went with my parents to an antique sale they were going to, and in spite of having to wake up unnaturally early for a long weekend monday, I was very happy with the decision to tag along. Its not often that I find something so fabulous to look at that also proves a functional purpose but today was different. I found this amazing protractor and compass set, complete with replacement pieces and a velvet lined leather carrying case. I kind of couldn't be more excited about it. Not only is it a very useful set of tools for my trade, but there is also something so satisfying in using something that been around for so much longer than I have.

On top of that amazing find (which really would have been enough to keep me happy for weeks) I found three amazing new pairs of earrings. Well, actually my mom, who is a great shopping partner, found two of them, probably because she knows I'm always a sucker for big geometric hunks of metal. Since I actually don't have my ears pierced (a choice that has become even more shocking to people considering my choice of profession) most people assume that it must be difficult for me to find earrings but, as you can see, I do just find. Honestly, when it comes to vintage, I'm surprised when people find earrings that aren't clip ons.

Overall, it was a very successful day.


Rose coloured

Happy Valentine's Day


Something that sparkles

They say most ladies want something that sparkles for Valentine's day. I on the other hand have been feeling extremely crafty lately and decided to whip up a little sparkler for myself!
Though I can't quite make diamond rings yet, I did my own interpretation using slightly less expensive materials, namely brass and rhinestone, but they still get the job done!
Struck by the mood, and to be honest a few happy accidents, I hand formed two tiny hearts for the setting of this ring. I'm not usually one for hearts but who knows, maybe cupid struck my jewellery bone ( I think its attached to my Proximal Interphalangeal Joint).

Not sure yet whether I'll put it up for sale or not but if you're interested feel free to message me about it!


Love is in the Air

And as I always say, the idea that V-Day is only for lovers is for suckers.
Take a note from these cuties!

Jealous? I am! That looks like a great hug.

So, I'm completely smitten. What started as an innocent experiment during some free time quickly grew into passionate love. It was love at first sight. I haven't named him yet (I'm considering Bonco), but I know I want him on me at all times, for a long time. And I hope to make more soon! Incase you're confused, I'm talking about this adorable little brass Brontosaurus I made at school the other day.

Inspired by something I doodled in a notebook, I sawed him out of some scrap brass on a whim, and as soon as I laid eyes on the finished piece, it was LOVE! In fact, I love him so much that I plan to do a million different things with this prototype. I'm currently in the process of casting it in silver, and also plan to saw out a few more from sheet metal. Ideally, I'd like to wear multiple Brotosaurus on pins, earrings, rings, I want them everywhere.


If only

I was recently reading an article on snowflakes (my homepage is set to National Geographic because I can kind of be a science geek) and it sparked up a bit of crystal frenzy deep inside me.
Individual snowflakes are actually called snow crystals, and their formation, though much quicker and more climate sensitive, is not unlike the formation of other crystals. Unfortunately like many beautiful crystals, they're far too delicate to be worn, which got me thinking about the pletherra of enchanting crystals that are nearly impossible to make into anything wearable. Not that that will stop me from trying to figure a way around it.

Pictured: Mesolite, unknown, Carrolite, Humite, Beihlite all photos from InlovewithGeosciences.tumblr.com

All this looking at unconventional crystals has left me wanting to go shopping for some new supplies! Expect lots of new crystal work for this coming spring collection


Cold as Ice

Seems to me like the perfect weather to curl up with a steamy drink and a good book. Personally, I'm thinking a Hot Toddy and anything by David Sedaris. Nothing like some whiskey and a good laugh to warm up!