So Refreshing

This is exactly how I want to spend my summer months, drinking fruity beverages and lounging in pools (with said beverages). Can you think of anything better? Living in this icy tundra called Canada its nice to take full advantage of the little sun we get!


A small thank you

Jewellery is an inherently intimate item and so selling jewellery, especially since the pieces are both designed and made by me, I tend to get fairly involved in each transaction. In my short time selling my jewellery online I've had so many sales accompanied by such personal stories and honestly its always really nice when I get to find out the kind of person my pieces are going to, and occasionally even finding out what they're wearing it with! Knowing that so many pieces have been given as gifts by friends, family,boyfriends, and finaces, in one instance a necklace even being a bride's wedding jewellery (and inspiration for her dress!)! Its just so rewarding getting to know my little creations are being given such loving homes. This is just a little thank you to all of my much appreciated customers.


Summer Lovin

Sometimes you see someone and just know they have it all figured out.
These ladies obviously have their priorities in check. Great accessories, a good friend, and a nice fat cigar is really all you need. Seems like a good way to spend a hot day to me!


Summer Stock!

Dolorous S/S 11 Collection is now in store! New items will be added each day so check in often and look forward to a large expansion to the line including new earrings, bracelets, and tons of colour!


Caught in Action

Photos from Strawberryfreckleface.blogspot.com

A fabulous blog post by the lovely Casey of Strawberryfrecklface.blogspot.com featuring none other than the Dolorous Crybaby Convertible! Check her out, converting from necklace to bodychain mid shoot, love it!

Who knew it looked so fabulous layered with other chains?!
I always love seeing others wear my pieces in ways I've never thought of!

Also checkout my interview with Plaid Magazine! We talk everything from upcoming pieces to Prince. Enjoy!