F/W 11

Dolorous Jewelry F/W 11 Lookbook Sneak Peek. Enjoy!


A little inspiration

A collection of pictures that helped inspire the F/W11 Lookbook
Sneak Peek coming soon


Sheer Genius

Marios Schwab Spring 2012


Delirious Dolorous

I am currently delirious with both excitement and exhaustion. The past couple of months have been extremely busy and equally exciting; designing, producing, and eventually shooting my F/W 11 Collection.
I'd like to say that now that the lookbook is shot that all I have to do is sit back and relax, but alas this was step one of a long series of plans regarding the evolution of Dolorous.
For all the hard work put in, there is nothing nicer than when things work out better than expected. Today I was lucky enough to have my wildest expectations for my lookbook exceeded thanks to the fabulous photographer Adam Moco, my stunning model (and friend), a very talented makeup artist and one of my very best friends there to help with everything and anything. After all of my meticulous planning today came together so organically and evolved into something I never could have created on my own. I want to thank everyone involved a million times, but we are all busy professionals and that would take lots of time, so instead I'm doing this.

Expect a behind the scenes video of the shoot very soon

Interesting Fact: When I was really young there was a hamster in my family named Dolores (a name that has popped up repeatedly throughout my life) and she was an extremely gassy hamster who could actually clear a room with her foul stench. Because of her habit of overwhelming people with her stink we nick named her Delirious Dolores


Styling Session 1.0

The Styling Session is an idea I've wanted to incorporate into my blog for a long time now as a way to show the versatility and wearability of even my more dramatic jewellery. This is the first edition of what will hopefully becoming a recurring feature, and who better to begin with than my longtime friend and current roommate Sacha Columbia (a fashion designer with a great blog here). I've also used a few blouses from my sister's line Alex and Eli.

As this is the first of many I expect it to be a work in progress, so feel free to leave feedback and let me know what you think/what you'd like to see more of. Hope you like it!