Otto Dix

Otto Dix; German painter, printmaker 1891-1969

One of my favourite artists. I was given a book of his work for my birthday and these are a few of my favourite portraits. These hardly do justice to his range. Much of his work was deeply shaped by the first world war, of which he was a veteran, and the theme dominates his earlier work. In later years he began painting portraits of both the famous and shadowy characters of Berlin in the 1920s, including the scandal plagued dancer Anita Berber (showed in the first painting).



Its my Birthday! I'm very excited.

My grandmother gave me a gorgeous cameo ring that was my great grandmother's and the girl looks shockingly similar to the one in my cameo's! I also got two tiny pet frogs so I'd say its off to a pretty good start.



Dolorous Unisex Links take two! After the abundance of positive feedback I've received from the first necklace I decided to apply the same principles and make a new Unisex design!
Like the original this necklace is a simple brass chain featuring a vintage brass link and, like the original, is constructed specifically for the piece to move organically when worn. The charm can be moved anywhere on the necklace and there is no clasp, allowing you to wear it in a variety of ways.


Dolorous Holiday SALE!

Dolorous Holiday SALE!
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Alex and Eli S/S 2011

Amazing. Alex and Eli's S/S 2011 collection is essentially my dream wardrobe. Frankly, I don't know how I've lived this long without a pleated jellyfish mini