Colour Envy

I have some serious hair envy right now. Happyfuntimeblog is aptly named :)

Shoe Lust

This shoe by Finsk is simply amazing. Its perfect in every way


Web Dreams

Finally! My new website is up and running. I couldn't be happier about it :)
Sorry for the picture quality, I'm techno-tarded and just screen capped it


Some piles of supplies

This summer has been very good to me. Though the heat has ground my production to a near halt, my shopping abilities have apparently remained intact. On top of some amazing antique tools, a collection of beads and pearls from my grandmother, and several feet of vintage chains, I recently acquired some new colours of vinage chandelier crystals which are just begging to be made into crystal bodychains for my fall collection! The crystal bodychains are really one of my favourite pieces so I couldn't be happier to be able to widen the variety.

My camera unfortunately altered the colours a little, the blue is more of a dull periwinkle and the grey is deep and smokey with a hint of forest green (can you tell I love it?). I'm also pretty pleased about these two small grey crystals.

Not sure what I'll do with them but likely two one of a kind pieces.
Expect them in store by early September!


The long and short of it

Summer Daze

I recently became addicted to Polyvore and discovered the fun of putting together dream outfits to go with some of my favourite pieces from my line. Theres something about crop tops with long skirts that I just can't get enough of. Summer through fall its pretty much the only thing I want to wear, but alas, I'm quite short making those kinds of proportions a little tricky if I'm not in the mood for sky high heels (which, lets be honest, I rarely am). At least now I have an outlet to dress vicariously through!

But seriously, if I could wear this outfit with one of my slave bracelets and a long earthy necklace like this or this or the one below, I'd be a pretty happy girl


A few Hues and a pair of shoes

Something about this colour palette just tickles me

And these shoes are my new favourite thing in the world


Gypsy living

If you haven't seen the show My Big Fat Gyspy Wedding you are both missing out and doing yourself a favour. The show, though outrageously misnamed, is actually a really interesting and well rounded perspective of Gypsy life and perviously unknown traditions of the community. I'm totally addicted and apparently I'm not the only one. Recently my Navajo Mini bodychain was featured on Stylebust.com in an article about her new found love of bodychains, inspired by the fearless attire of the young traveller girls on the show. It might be a bit of a leap from the florescent LED lit outfits the girls wear, but she makes some very good points about owning your style and not being afraid of taking risks with your wardrobe.