Happy New Year!



Dolorous Jewellery website coming soon! As well as an editorial shoot of the collection.
Expect a whole new perspective on the pieces



Here are the pictures of Dolorous jewellery in PULP magazine. I think this spread is absolutely stunning and I love how the stylist layered the pieces. These aren't all of the photos of my jewellery in the magazine, just a selection of my favourites

All of the jewellery shown is Dolorous



Dolorous jewelry featured in the second issue of PULP Magazine!
Photos of the spread are coming soon but in the meantime go checkout the magazine for free at http://www.pulpmagazineonline.com/


Otto Dix

Otto Dix; German painter, printmaker 1891-1969

One of my favourite artists. I was given a book of his work for my birthday and these are a few of my favourite portraits. These hardly do justice to his range. Much of his work was deeply shaped by the first world war, of which he was a veteran, and the theme dominates his earlier work. In later years he began painting portraits of both the famous and shadowy characters of Berlin in the 1920s, including the scandal plagued dancer Anita Berber (showed in the first painting).



Its my Birthday! I'm very excited.

My grandmother gave me a gorgeous cameo ring that was my great grandmother's and the girl looks shockingly similar to the one in my cameo's! I also got two tiny pet frogs so I'd say its off to a pretty good start.



Dolorous Unisex Links take two! After the abundance of positive feedback I've received from the first necklace I decided to apply the same principles and make a new Unisex design!
Like the original this necklace is a simple brass chain featuring a vintage brass link and, like the original, is constructed specifically for the piece to move organically when worn. The charm can be moved anywhere on the necklace and there is no clasp, allowing you to wear it in a variety of ways.


Dolorous Holiday SALE!

Dolorous Holiday SALE!
Free Shipping till Christmas. All Items shipped gift wrapped and ready to give!


Alex and Eli S/S 2011

Amazing. Alex and Eli's S/S 2011 collection is essentially my dream wardrobe. Frankly, I don't know how I've lived this long without a pleated jellyfish mini


Don't be scared



Devil's Night

Are you ready?



The future looks hazey . . . . but there are definitely new items coming to store SOON
and a new website in the works, so stay tuned


Trick or Treat

The last time I was allowed to Trick or Treat was one of the saddest days of my life. What's too old to love free candy? And who decided such a devilish holiday was primarily for children? No fair.

Lovely Bones


Witchy Woman

Less than a week till Halloween.



New Dolorous Earrings in Store Now!



Here are some of those new creations from that bowl full of crystals. Stay tuned for a bunch of new Crystal Earrings.


Velvet Teen

David Lynch and Isabella Rossellini by Helmut Newton

Last week I saw a showing of Blue Velvet which was preceded by a discussion period with Isabella Rossellini herself (as well as a few of her Green Pornos). She was amazing, and told the most intriguing stories about David Lynch and the creative process of the movie.
Interestingly, she mentioned that his first choice for the role had actually been Helen Mirren, a choice that could have given such a different feeling to the movie. I can't imagine Dorothy Vallens as a blonde, but then again, he did cast Dennis Hopper fresh out of rehab as Frank Booth and made what is possibly the scariest movie villain of all times. So he obviously knows what he's doing.



I love how Halloween somehow bleeds into the whole month giving all of October a spooky fun feeling. Hopefully that will make the shoot for the new Dolorous fall/winter collection all the more fun! Expect sneak peaks of the collection soon!


Spooky Toonz

Two weeks into October and I'm struck with Halloween Fever. Its eating away at my brains.


Colour Coded


Its Inherent

For some, accessorizing is more than an art, its a way of life


This year I'm taking a course in jewelry rendering and I absolutely love it. All I want to do is paint pretty rings all day, and these vintage sears catalogue pages are the ideal inspiration.