All about the Bolo

I've been very busy the past couple weeks working on the F/W 11 collection and I've come to realize something about myself. I'm totally bonkers for Bolo Ties. They're just so perfect! They effortlessly combine leather and metal, they can be super masculine or totally feminine, they can be fancy with gems or silly and casual, they pretty much embody everything I want in a piece of jewellery; something that can be everything at once!

As you may have assumed, there are going to be some bolo ties in my new collection, and frankly, you can expect quite a variety. This one is a one of a kind Bow bolo, made from a vintage brooch. If you love it don't despair, I recently purchased a set of similar brass bows and will be selling them in an edition of 12.


DIY Day!

Sometimes the most productive time in the studio is when you spend it doing something your not supposed to be. Oh the beauty of procrastination.

Yesterday I did some extremely efficient procrastination, and came out with these fun lovelies! They are leather and rhinestone friendship bracelets, amazing for stacking, and I'm totally addicted. I think I want to make a million. For the first three I settled for peach, forest green, and a gray that gets darker towards the center. I love them. I seriously want to make colours for every possible outfit

I know its tons of pictures, I just REALLY love these bracelets (^-^)



Select pieces by Dolorous jewellery will now be carried in Bicyclette Boutique in Toronto! If you happen to live in the city this shop is well worth checking out, and for those of you who aren't in the city they also have a great online store! This shop won me over the second I walked in and is simply brimming with feminine pastels, sheer tops, and dresses to die for.
I couldn't be happier about having my pieces sold there.


Summer Sale!

Photo by Rachelle Simoneau for TNK Vintage

Summer Sale! 10% - 15% off several pieces in store to help beat the end of summer blues